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'Scapers are a happy bunch! 
Who’s happy today?


i am so bad at cleaning out my bank because i’ll rationalize keeping random things like oh hey maybe i’ll need these 200 buckets for a quest that comes out or wait maybe i’ll need these 900 bananas for something in the future

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When his dick is too small
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Why is it okay for noobs to have superior elite void that puts out more damage than level 90 power gear?

Because void has shit defensive stats. Wear void if you’re still upset lol.

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What do you call an old lady who isn’t sure which RuneScape mode to use?


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The #runescape tag usually has a secret santa event once or twice a year and it’s that time of year again!
For those who don’t know, secret santa is an event where people sign up to be randomly matched to another participant, for whom they’ll buy a gift for! Someone will be buying you a gift too, and you won’t know who until the meet-up. It’s tons of fun and open to everyone, and a great way to make new friends. 
ANYWAY, copy+paste+reblog the following form to register! Registration closes July 19th. 
RSN:URL: (main blog and scape blog)$$$ range (choose one):  500k-1m   3m-5m  8m-10m

RSN: Raisedkaine
URL: j-mod.tumblr.com
Range: 8-10m

When the scroll of life saves you a seed and you think you forget to plant at one of your patches..

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Your RSN?
Your dream RSN?
Your total EXP?
Your total playtime?
Your long term goal?
Your closest friend on RS and how you met them?
Your clan and why you joined?
Your favourite runescape memory?
How long have you been playing?
What’s your favourite quest and why?
Would you rather be a player mod, Jagex mod or forum mod?
A picture of your favourite outfit?
If you could have any one item, what would it be?
What god do you worship (if any) and why?
Have you ever dated someone from runescape?
Why do you continue to play runescape?
How do you feel about Treasure Hunter and Solomon’s General Store?
Whom do you admire in game?
What’s your favourite place in runescape?
What’s your favourite way to relax on runescape?
Where can you usually be found on runescape?
Have you ever been scammed?
Have you ever been hacked?
Has runescape ever made you cry?
Name 3 NPCs you dislike and why?
What’s your favourite holiday item?
Describe your group of friends on runescape?
What’s your favourite boss and why?
Name your proudest achievement?
What is one thing that truly annoys you on runescape?
What updates are you most looking forward to?
What is it about your character that you think is unique?
Who is the oldest friend you have on runescape? 
What is your greatest fear on runescape?
What is your runescape guilty pleasure?
Who is the last person you PM’d?
Name 3 NPCs you admire and why?
How much is your bank worth and how did you make that?
What are you looking forward to?
What do you like about the game?
What do you hate about the game?
List a few of your short term goals?
Would you rather be a skiller or PvMer?
What is one kind of people that you hate on runescape?
What was your favourite random event?
Do you play OSRS? Why or why not?
What’s the first thing you do when you log on?
What minigames do you enjoy, if any, and why?
Describe your character in 3 words?
Do you have any runescape related talents?
List 5 facts about your runescape character?
Are you efficient?
Do you trust anyone from runescape?
Do you find it difficult to trust people with items?
Name 5 people from runescape or the #runescape tag that you’re close with?
Who’s your favourite Jagex mod?
Have you done anything shady on runescape?
Would you ever sell your account? For how much?
Have you ever broken any rules?
Have you ever botted?
Have you ever scammed?
What do you usually wear on runescape?
What do you listen to while playing runescape?
Who was at the top of the highscores when you started playing?
What is your favourite holiday event?
What is your home world or home worlds, and why?
What do you like to do while AFKing runescape?
How do you feel about IVP and the direction that the game has been taking recently?
Do you interact with Jagex mods often? How and where?
What is a dream of yours that you’d like to achieve on runescape?
Do you like 99/max/comp parties?
How do you feel about e-dating on runescape?
What is your favourite pet? Why?
Name 1 thing on runescape that you couldn’t live without?
How many hours do you play runescape per day?
Do you ever give away items? Why and to whom? 
Do you do clue scrolls? Have you had any luck with them?
What is the RSN of the first acc you ever made?
How many mutes do you have? How often do you get muted?
Do you have any 120 capes? Do you plan on achieving any?
What is the most you’ve ever lost from dying, being scammed or being hacked?
What is your happiest runescape memory?
What is your saddest runescape memory?
What is the gender of your character? Why?
What is something on runescape that you’re bad at, but love?
How many times have you quit runescape?
How much money have you spent on runescape (including spins, bonds, membership, buying gold and/or accs)?
What does your URL mean?
What does your RSN mean?
Something on runescape you didn’t expect to like but did?
What’s your favourite rare or discontinued item, and why?
Do you think Treasure Hunter devalues skills?
Do you think warbands devalues skills?
What’s something you’ve been wanting to try on runescape?
What’s your favourite song on runescape? (For reference, here’s a runescape music blog.)
What do you think runescape would be like if Andrew and Paul Gower stayed in control of Jagex?
What is a huge mistake that you feel Jagex has made? 
What annoys you about Jagex?
Have you ever dreamed about runescape? Describe it, if so.
What is a piece of lore that you would like to see?
How do you pronounce the following words: Lletya, Ardougne, Tirannwn?
What is your favourite race of creatures on runescape?
What is your most hated skill and why?
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Happy 9th Birthday to the coolest skill, Farming! Released July 11th, 2005
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i’m doing a thing tomorrow guys!! everyone’s welcome if you wanna come see me freak out lol
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So… this is a question to be polled for OSRS and I’ve been mentioning that this would be a good idea for RS3 since… forever… a lot of spawn rates of monsters don’t keep up with just one person there, let alone 2 because of lower World Populations. This needs to happen in the live game too, damn…

Terrible idea. As if the prices on boss drops aren’t driven to the ground enough. The slow spawn rates are among the only things allowing these items to cling on for dear life.
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